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Successful projects require technological competence and conceptual know-how.
We offer you both from one source.

Consulting & Strategy

Consulting & Strategy

How can existing processes be optimally mapped digitally? What are the core technical and functional requirements? We advise you sustainably and competently with your individual business objectives in mind.

  • Digitale Transformation

    We support and advise you in the transformation of your analog processes into automated solutions.

  • Ideation

    We develop and validate with you the first ideas for your future product in workshops and interviews.

  • MVP Scoping

    What features and services does your product need to provide to your users to meet their minimum requirements? In MVP Scoping, we work with you to determine the initial feature set for your product.

  • Requirement analysis

    Which requirements must your product meet and how relevant to success is each of them?

  • Persona Entwicklung

    So that we always keep an eye on the user groups of your product, we create meaningful profiles including their individual characteristics and interests.

  • Technology consulting

    We develop the perfect combination of technology and IT system architecture for you, so that your system remains functionally expandable and future-proof.

Concept & UX

Concept & UX Design


The insights gained from strategy & consulting form the basis for the further development of your software. We like to keep it agile: Short iterations for hypothesis building and their verification with real users.

  • Alignment Diagrams

    Alignment diagrams such as experience maps and user journeys help us to develop a common understanding of your product and to design it.

  • Screen- & Interaktionsdesign

    An attractive design and a well thought-out operating concept promise higher acceptance and user loyalty.

  • Prototyping

    Prototypes help us to simulate functions of your application and test them with real users. The results flow directly into further development.

  • Testing & Validierung

    When testing and validating your software, we work closely with the user – the basis of our user-centric approach.



  • Mobile Apps

    We develop apps for all mobile devices using technologies like Swift, Java, Xamarin, Angular and Ember.js.

  • Server Applications

    On the server side we use technologies such as Java/ JEE, PHP/ Symfonie and Node.js. Depending on your requirements, we can also integrate your application into your existing system.

  • Web applications

    Ihre Web Anwendungen entwickeln wir mit modernen Technologien wie Ember.js und Angular. Diese liefern  die optimale Performance und Skalierbarkeit auf allen Geräten und Bildschirmgrößen.

  • Continuous Integration

    Automated testing and deployment are standard for us and form the basis for fast and secure software.

Operation & Support

Operation & Support

A continuous and long-term support of our customers is important to us. We ensure that availability and safety are also guaranteed during operation.

  • Rollout

    We manage the publication of your software on all common web hosting platforms such as AWS as well as in Google Play or the Apple App Store.

  • Monitoring

    The tools we use monitor the availability of your software around the clock and react immediately if something should not work.

  • IT infrastructure

    The optimal IT infrastructure ensures that your system creates regular backups and can be restored from them within seconds. 

  • Security Updates

    Regular security updates of the technologies used ensure that your system remains optimally protected against attacks.