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+Doku App
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+Doku App

The +Doku construction site app is very easy to use and has an optimal range of functions. Site managers have the possibility to locate defects on plans, set deadlines and assign processes directly to trades and companies.

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  • X-Interchange

Konzept & Design

  • Concept & UX
  • Prototyping
  • Screen design


  • Xamarin iPad App

+Doku App

Intuitive construction site documentation


The analogue recording of defects on construction sites with pen and paper costs the site manager a maximum of effort and time. For this, defects must be noted on printed plans, documented with photos and assigned to trades or companies.


+Doku app provides the site manager with an easy-to-use interface for this purpose, allowing him to complete the complete defect documentation including plan location, photo and assignment with just a few gestures in a very short time.


Effiziente Vorgangsverwaltung


After the defect has been recorded by the site manager, it must be manually assigned to a trade and a partner company, including the processing time. Afterwards, the partner company is informed about the defect and asked to deal with it. The entire work process is accordingly laborious and inefficient.


With the help of the +Doku App and the underlying construction documentation system from X-Interchange, process management becomes child’s play. The processes stored in the app are synchronized with X-Interchange and automatically assigned to the previously selected partner company, including plan location and photos.


  • intuitive user guidance and attractive design
  • Transaction management and simple plan location
  • Extensive filter options
  • integrated photo documentation
  • full functional range also offline
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