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About us

We are B2B specialists

We help companies to make their digital transformation of business processes successful and sustainable. This includes solutions for sales, personnel administration and management.

Our customers include companies such as Linde Group and Sky Deutschland, but also smaller companies and start-ups who appreciate our continuous passion and agile approach.

12 employees
Over 10 years of experience
Over 100 successful projects 
Agile mindset & way of working 
Divers lectures & publications


We have already developed successful solutions for our customers in these areas.

  • Business Intelligence
  • Personnel Management
  • Product configuration
  • E-Learning
  • B2B Sales App
  • Plant documentation
  • Reporting
  • E-Shopping

How we work

On the way to the "User Centered Experience" we rely on special analysis processes, modern tools and the latest technologies. And on something completely undigital: common sense.

Design Thinking

During the Design Thinking process we are in constant feedback with the target group. With methodical analyses of user needs we develop the technical and content requirements for the project.

  1. Understand

    Here a basic understanding of the problem area is developed and the content framework for the project is defined.

  2. Observe

    In this phase the project team builds a common understanding of the Pain Points and needs of the target group. 

  3. Consolidate

    Now the findings from the first two phases are being compiled and consolidated into a common vision. 

  4. Developing ideas

    With a common understanding of the requirements, ideas are developed, structured and then selected according to attractiveness, feasibility and cost-effectiveness.

  5. Building prototypes

    Quickly developed prototypes help to illustrate and test the most important hypotheses.

  6. Test & Validate

    The prototypes are tested in an open dialogue with the target group. The resulting feedback provides further starting points for improvements and alternatives.

Lean UX & Build Process

Now the actual software is developed: strategy, concept, programming, interface design and testing merge into the perfect user experience.

  1. Development

    We start the development with the optimal conceptual and technical requirements.

  2. Stay agile

    With agile methods like Scrum or Kanban we approach the common goal step by step so that the result meets the requirements of the users and the company.

  3. Testing and validating

    Your software is tested with the target group and it is checked whether the hypotheses made at the beginning are valid or not. 

  4. Adaptation

    The results from the development and test phase are used to develop new ideas and integrate them into the further course of the project.


For each project we form a team with the ideal cast. To do this, we combine the people from our permanent concept and development team with the best people from our network. A pretty good way to combine continuity and excellence.

Thomas Reppa

Geschäftsführung / Head of UX

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Key Account Manager / Full-Stack-Developer

Marco Wolff

Full-Stack Development

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Maximilian Meier

Front-End Development

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