Build and Scale Products Faster.

Streamline your user needs, team workflows and your technology stack into a high impact agile approach. Learn how to fill the gaps between requirements, features and technology.

Clients we helped scale their SaaS product

Benefit from state of the art product excellence.

We built our own SaaS startup, scaled many client market-ready and know long term pitfalls that occur along the product lifecycle from prototype to scalable SaaS enterprise solutions.

We help you nail your SaaS product market-ready.

Prototyping and feasibility
Learn how to channel your Product market-ready by evaluating what to build first and how to make sure initial users will be satisfied.
Tech stack validation & selection
What's the best fit tech stack for my prototype? What's the best fit now that will enable us to scale later?
Make or buy a service?
A lot of tech, middleware, APIs and other services are ready to use. Oftentimes it makes sense to not build everything from scratch.

We empower you to scale your Software.

Establish an efficient product lifecycle
Write better user stories, validate and organize features in a your product backlog, maintain your roadmap in one place.
Build on a micro services architecture
Avoid building monoliths, create a modular backend based on a micro services architecture and increase performance individually.
AWS cloud service evaluation
Identify and evaluate the best AWS services for your business needs. And build a rock solid architecture for your application.

"To our Surprise our Users preferred a Lean Prototype over the Solution we wanted to build first."

"REPPA defined and built a prototype, we initially planned for a much bigger scope. But it's not just the excellent result, but also the very professional relationship that has inspired us to work with REPPA for the long term.”

Thomas Schaefer, Sales & Marketing , The Linde Group

"The Requirements Workshop literally saved our Product Success"

"We already had offers from other agencies with high five to six figure sums for a product we wanted to build. REPPA warned us to not build yet, but perform a prototype workshop for identifying what the user really needs and how to roll-out the product."

Guido Schneider, Founder & CEO, x-interchange GmbH

Who it is for

Benefits for CTOs and C-Level decision makers

Better team performance and faster development.

Insights and best practice from well architected software and infrastructure.

Long term cost savings with right decisions from the get-go.

What's in it for Devs and DevOps?

Implement quality standards and decrease risk for technical debt from the beginning and build upon a solid foundation.

Establish and maintain a reliable workflow with a robust build and deploy pipeline.

Have more clarity and security for cost and timeline estimates.

How do POs benefit from?

Make sure you have good "make-or-buy" decision criteria at hand.

Transport customer-centric requirements to your product by writing engaging high impact user stories.

Implement state-of-the-art tool stack for delivering high quality products.

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